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Welcome to BAM Innovation Conference 2022!

Welcome to the second annual BAM (Blacks at Microsoft) Innovation Conference (virtual). The Conference is a platform for Black professionals, students, and job seekers in the community to gather, learn, connect and gain exposure to the tech industry. We aim to empower the community with tools, resources and the network needed to establish and advance a career in tech.

As every Black experience in tech is different, we’re bringing a full showcase of different speakers and topics to expand your perspective. The BAM Innovation Conference agenda is stacked with technical and non-technical topics that include cloud, startups, gaming, AI and careers in tech. Featured speakers, such as Chris Young (EVP, Microsoft Strategy & Ventures), Sarah Bond (CVP, Microsoft Gaming), John Henry (Cofounder & Co-CEO at LOOP) and Jessica O. Matthews (Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist) will be joining to discuss what is top of mind career growth and innovation in tech.

Registration is free and we welcome everyone across the world from any background to join us.

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Featured Speakers

  • Chris Young speaker image
    Chris Young

    EVP, Microsoft Strategy & Ventures


  • Jessica O. Matthews speaker image
    Jessica O. Matthews

    Founder & CEO


  • John Henry speaker image
    John Henry

    Cofounder & Co-CEO


  • Lauren Gardner speaker image
    Lauren Gardner

    CVP, Global Talent Acquisition


  • Natahri Felton speaker image
    Natahri Felton

    Cloud Solutions Director, Retail


  • Sarah Bond speaker image
    Sarah Bond

    CVP, Microsoft Gaming


  • Tiernan Madorno speaker image
    Tiernan Madorno

    Joy Officer